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Maintenance Check

5 Basic Maintenance Check points you need to perform.


1. Clean Air Filtration

2. Clean In / Out Door Coils

3.  Condensate Drain Cleaning

4.  Professional Bi-Annual Inspections

5.  Proper Thermostat Program 

New System Installation

We support transitioning to a sustainable energy economy and future.  We install and build Energy effecient HVAC systems for New Residential Construction, and Replacement Installations of all kinds for Commercial Properties.  

Ventilation Air Balancing

The majority of HVAC systems are not adequately Ventilated and Air Balanced.  We make sure your conditioned areas are effectively healthy with proper Air Changes per hour that protect your air quaility and clean living environement 

Refrigeration Freezer Repair

Refrigeration services include Restaurant equipment, ice machines, freezers, walk-in's, etc.

Heating and A/C Repair

Our responsive professional on-site technicians provide quality customer service with precision trouble shooting and evaluations to properly perform any emergency repairs.  We will provide you with several cost effective solutions based upon your situational needs

Duct Installation and Repair

In the Rogue Valley we have seen an increase in Rodent Damage to Ventilation Ducting.  We can evaluate and inspect your ductwork, its engineering and efficiency to help you improve and protect your homes most valuable asset


We provide Excellent New Installation,  Service and Repair Restaurant equipment, and provide Affordable Maintenance Service Solutions for all applications- improving your systems performance, lowering your energy useage, improving the longevity of your equipment, and be your Energy Saving Company with an average of 20% Savings on all Repair Costs !!  
Contact us and Sign up TODAY !! 

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