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Trinity Heating and Air Inc. was started in 2017 as a result of the awareness that customer service trends in business are becoming a lost priority.  We believe every business should be built upon the foundation of excellent customer service first.  Within our future is the ever pressing need to transition into sustainable energy, and therefore we believe in doing it better.  Serving you as a customer includes providing quality sustainable energy solutions, quality craftsmanship and ultimately economical savings.


So Trinity Heating and Air Inc is more than just a business.  Its a customer service driven company with you in mind.  We believe in new technology that brings us closer to a more sustainable future within our ever changing world.  We also believe in establishing good communication, and always providing the respectable honest reliable and trustworthy professional services every single customer deserves to have.  






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  • Why is my Air Conditioner Humming and not working ?
    Most commonly this is a failed electrical component called a Capacitor or Contactor. Please give us a call to remedy this problem right away as this can cause damage if not repaired.
  • Why don't I feel any air coming out of my HVAC system ?
    A common problem can be the blower motor has failed inside your Air Handler. Or the electrical component Capacitor has failed, or further issues. It also can be a simple issue with the door of the furnace Air Handler not completely shut closing the safety switch behind it that provides power. Please give us a call and we would be glad to investigate this for you.
  • My HVAC runs for a while then just shuts off ? I reset it at the breaker but it just repeats.......?
    Many things can cause your condition. One common problem is while its in heating mode the safeties regulating the furnace are being activated and throwing the system out of service. If you look into the little window on the front of your furnace you will most likely see a trouble light flash indicating a code that steers you into the right reason for the failure. Usually on the inside of the furnace Air Handler front cover you will find trouble codes definitions that are most common. Count the long flashes, short dashes and that gives you a number to reference. If this is AC mode you most likely need to have a maintenance performed and outdoor coil washing for high head pressure safety cut out as a result of dirty coils or inoperable out side fan motor. Please give us call to remedy this problem right away.
  • My thermostat is blank ? I changed the batteries but it still doesn't display anything ?
    Most likely the Tstat has failed. You will need to test the Red Transformer power wire supply coming into the back of the Tstat. If its tested with the Common wire you should see 24v. If you do not have a common wire and you just installed a fancy new Tstat, and your HVAC system is over 20 years old you most likely have a Common wire issue. You need to run a common wire connections between your HVAC system and the New Tstat. New Tstats require Common wires, the old systems rarely used them in the old days. Give us a call and were happy to run that connection for you.
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